Community Service Officer

The community service officers have too many responsibilities to mention them all. They are the people who do what no one else wants to do and receive the most complaints for doing it. Responsibilities of the community service officers include:
  • Assisting with lockouts
  • Being additional eyes and ears for the police officers
  • Designating "no parking" signage for Village events
  • Enforcing garage sale permits
  • Enforcing Metra parking
  • Fingerprinting for sex offenders, employment and liquor licenses
  • Issuing ordinance violation citations
  • Logging evidence for the crime lab
  • Managing traffic control at accident sites
  • Marking tires for downtown parking
  • Patrolling for the well being and welfare of the Village
  • Picking up loose dogs
  • Picking up non-permitted signs
  • Removing snow
  • Removing wild animals from within homes
  • Responding to rescue calls
  • Trapping domesticated wild animals

Next time you see a community service officer, stop and talk to them. Let them know you appreciate the work they do.