Basset Training

About Basset
BASSET stands for "Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training". It is a training program for people who sell and/or serve alcoholic beverages. BASSET is a trained supplemental to TIPS. TIPS stands for "Training for Intervention Procedures". The Village of Fox Lake uses the TIPS program. Currently, the On Premise, Off Premise, Concessions, andGaming programs are approved for use in BASSET/TIPS training.

The BASSET or TIPS program is provided and regulated by the State of Illinois, but the cities in Illinois determine via ordinance whether or not the training should be required.

Per Village Ordinance section 3-3-12 (J), It shall be unlawful to permit any person to serve or sell alcoholic beverages in a licensed etablishment unless that person has completed the BASSET program as required and has a current BASSET certification.

All new employees and/or managers must show proof of completion within (90) days from the beginning of their employment with the licensee that holds a liquor license.

To register for a BASSET/TIPS class, please contact the Fox Lake Police Department.