Strategic Plan

Village of Fox Lake Strategic Plan Overview 

In 2016, the Village of Fox Lake contracted with Executive Service Corps of Chicago, a consulting firm, to develop a strategic plan for the Village of Fox Lake. The direction provided by the Village of Fox Lake Board of Trustees was to undertake a strategic planning process and develop a plan to prioritize Village goals and objectives. The strategic planning process was broken into seven overarching steps, six which have been completed and include:

      - Initial research

      - Fox Lake community interviews 

      - Strength, weakness, opportunity, threat analysis 

      - Board and Executive Staff strategic planning session

      - Board Workshop

      - Goal, objective, and tactic development

 The final step will be an implementation checkup which will occur several months after the adoption of the new structure with Executive Service Corps. Click here for an additional overview of the process. 

Village of Fox Lake Strategic Plan 

As a result of the strategic planning process, six Strategic Planning Teams were established, with two appointed Village Trustees on each Planning Team and a staff chair.  The six planning teams are: Economic Development, Recreation, Marketing, Communication/Public Outreach, Infrastructure, and Technology.  Meetings are held monthly, or more frequently if needed. Each Chair provides a report to the Board of Trustees as part of the Board Packet for each Village Board Meeting. Each planning team has an overarching goal, a list of objectives, and tactics to accomplish those objectives. 

For an overview of the Strategic Plan please click here to read the Strategic Plan Executive Summary. 

On an annual basis, the Strategic Planning Teams will provide a priority list for the year with some projects spanning through multiple years of the Strategic Plan.  These will be presented to the board and adopted.  Additionally, a review of accomplishments will be provided following each year of the Strategic Plan.

      - 2017-2018 Strategic Planning Team Priorities

Additionally, annual priorities will be included in departmental performance metrics which are part of each Fiscal Year Budget. Therefore, Strategic Plan priorities for each year are properly budgeted for, and linked to departmental performance. 

      - Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget Departmental Performance Metrics

To read the entire Strategic Plan please click here to read the entire 2017-2022 Strategic Plan. For questions please contact Village Hall at (847) 587-2151.