Code Enforcement Process

Code Enforcement serves to maintain the quality of life for our residents, business owners and visitors. Nuisance violations detract from the overall appearance of our homes, neighborhoods and community. The code enforcement program is designed to help residents identify and correct violations in order to maintain a clean, safe and well kept village. A well kept village increases property values and enhances community pride.

The process begins with a reactive or proactive inspection. 'Reactive' means we received a complaint regarding the existence of a potential violation. 'Proactive' means one of our inspectors witnessed a violation without receiving a complaint first.

The village reserves the right to act within the laws and ordinances to bring properties into compliance beyond the steps outlined below. The following is an example of the steps we take to work towards compliance:

Step 1-Inspect the property

Step 2-Try to talk to the property owner/tenant face-to-face. We believe this step to be very important. We don't like sending out a notice of violation before hearing the property owner's/tenants reason for having the violation.

Step 3-Issue a notice of violation with a date to comply by. The Notice of Violation IS NOT A FINE. It's describing what the violation is and how long you have to bring your property into compliance. Need more time? Call us...we are here to help.

Step 4-Re-inspect the property after the date to comply by has passed. If the property is in compliance, case closed.

Step 5-If the property is not in compliance we may issue a Final Notice of Violation or have the violation abated (Hire a contractor to mow the property, clean up garbage, board up the vacant home, etc.)

Step 6-If we've exhausted all of our options to help you bring the property into compliance, we will issue a notice to appear in a court of local jurisdiction. We hate to do this. We don't like when people get fined. You work hard for your money and we don't want a judge to fine you for something that could easily be brought into compliance. Communicate with us...we want to work with you.

Call us to report a potential violation or if you received a notice of violation and aren't sure what it means.