Voters Registration

Register to Vote

Village residents can register to vote at Village Hall located at 66 Thillen Drive in Fox Lake.  To register, residents must be 18 years or older, have lived at their current address for at least 30 days prior to the date of the next election and provide two forms of identification with at least one having their current address.  Naturalized citizens registering to vote must provide the date, place and court of naturalization.  Telephone number and E-Mail Address are both optional, but helpful.  The last 4-digits of the Social Security number are required by law, driver’s license number is also acceptable.

Following is a list of some forms of identification that are accepted:

Driver’s License                                         Selective Service Card

Civic Membership Card                             Social Security Card

Union Membership Card                            Fraternal Membership Card

Student ID Card                                         Credit Card

Library Card                                               Insurance Card

Employee ID Card                                     Professional Assoc. Membership Card

Utility Bill                                                    Check Book

Voters must be registered 28 days prior to an election.  Also, if you have moved or changed your name, you must re-register to be eligible to vote.

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