Mayor's Letter

Welcome to the Village of Fox Lake. My name is Donny Schmit and I am the 23rd Mayor of Fox Lake. Fox Lake is a Village that embraces its rich tradition and history, but also looks to the future for our residents and businesses.

Four generations of my family have called Fox Lake home. This is a great place to raise a family. Our schools are among the finest. I am a proud graduate of Grant Community High School, as are my three children and I also have grandchildren who have graduated and are now attending the school. Among the educational resources available to our residents is a state of the art library. Our Parks and Recreation Department works yearlong to provide activities and events not only for our youth, but all residents. Please visit the Parks and Recreation Department page for further details.
The Village Board consists of six Trustees, a Village Clerk and Mayor dedicated to keeping Fox Lake a wonderful place to live and conduct business. The Trustees are Greg Murrey, Nancy Koske, Bernice Konwent, Ron Stochl, Jeff Jensen and Brian Marr. The Village Clerk is Niki Warden.

Among the many projects to beautify and maintain the quality of life for our residents and businesses, is the resurrection of Promote Fox Lake and the Façade Program.
Promote Fox Lake is a volunteer group that oversees many projects around our downtown and lakefront areas. They set up new flower gardens, offer annual plantings, have scheduled clean-ups for our community and involve businesses in the many projects to upgrade the appearance of our Village.
In addition to working closely with and building a strong relationship with the Chamber of Commerce, the Village has also reinstated the Façade Grant Program. Several businesses have taken advantage of this program to improve their businesses.
The Village has also streamlined the building and permit processes for developers and businesses. When you enter our Building Department, you will be greeted with a smile and asked “How can we help you?”
In addition to the above projects, the Village has made a major investment in our water system, street repair program and created a Capital Improvement Program to not only meet today’s needs, but also the needs of future generations.

As your Mayor, I whole-heartedly welcome input from our residents and business members. I am always ready and willing to listen to any concerns and/or suggestions you bring forward to this administration. The future of our Village is built on the partnerships we build with our community members. Working together, we will grow and prosper.