Permit Information

*Electronic submittals should be emailed to

Why do I need a Permit?

A building permit helps ensure safe construction and protects home values. The Village of Fox Lake has adopted nationally recognized building codes that reflect safe and modern construction practices. The trained and knowledgeable staff in the Community Development Department have many years of construction experience and apply these standards during permit review and inspection. For general permit information please view the information brochure.

Projects Requiring a Permit

Permits are required for any structural, electric, mechanical, plumbing work and tree removal. Permit Fees are established in the Village Ordinance.

The following projects typically require a building permit application. 

A/C Replacement
Accessory Structures (garages etc.)
Electrical Service Upgrade
Furnace Replacement
Pools / Spas
Retaining Wall / Sea Wall
Roofing (Tear off or Re-Roof)
Sewer/ Water Service Repair
Water Heater Replacement
Windows, Doors Replacement

For all other projects please contact the Community Development Department at (847) 587-3176. 

Plan Review

All plans are reviewed to ensure they meet current Village Codes and Ordinances. Plan reviews are needed to confirm architectural, civil, fire and zoning requirements are satisfied. The initial plan review will provide comments within ten (10) business days.