Business Licenses

Applying for a Business License

Thank you for choosing the Village of Fox Lake to assist you with the growth and development of your business! Below you will find the required forms to begin the business license process. This will help to ensure that your business plans and development process closely aligns with the Village’s Municipal Ordinances as well as the future development goals of the Village. The license year will begin on May 1 of each year and will terminate on April 30 of the following year.

To begin the process, please complete and return a Zoning Application to the Community Development Department. Staff will review the type of business you are proposing and the zoning district the property is located in to make sure your business is permitted at the location you have chosen. Upon approval, the Business License Application and supporting documentation will be reviewed.

Items required at time of submittal;

Completed Business License Application/Packet;
Copy of FEIN Certificate;
Copy of Sales Tax Certificate;
(If required) Copy of Health Certificate, issued by the Lake County Department.

The annual license fee varies, based on the type of business. Once your application is approved, a business inspection will be scheduled so the Village can verify the space is compliant with the applicable codes and ordinances.

Vending licenses are also required at the time of business license renewal/submittal. These licenses are issued for all amusement devices such as Video gaming, jukeboxes, gas pumps, and vending of cigarettes either by machine or over-the-counter.

For information regarding liquor licenses and video gambling, please contact the office of the Deputy Clerk at (847) 587-2151.

Forms & Guides

Application for Business License 
Business License Fees 
A Guide for New Business (Tri-fold Brochure) 

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For more information, questions or assistance with the business application process, please contact the Community Development Department at (847) 587-3176. We look forward to working with you!